The Curse of Perfect Days

My name is jack, I'm Christian, I live for Jesus Christ.

I love music, cars and photography. That's mostly what this blog is made up of. I follow back.

I love my girlfriend, she's amazing, I am the luckiest guy in the world to be with her.

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This is me, 1 year apart.
I have struggled with weight my whole life, and lost weight before but never kept it off.
Basically this photo is a year apart.
On the right, 139kg
And my progress so far 122kg
I am getting married in 130 days and I am trying to lose as much as I can before then.

My weight loss plan consists of, eat healthier and hit the gym.
It really works :)


Check out my latest music video clip :) was so much fun to make


left me about 350 lbs right one about 250 lbs come a long way and a few more to go :)

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How I proposed to my beautiful Girlfriend


Through The Vines.

Pentax K-x.


Nightlife (by elizabeth sarah)

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